Exam Tutorial: Regulations

The amateur radio exam contains seven questions on regulations and procedures in the first page. We picked twenty questions to go over with you, plus we provide some information on how you can practice and become confident in this category.


Exam Tutorial: Band-Plans

The exam contains two questions on the amateur radio frequencies and special conditions about them. We cover all the frequency limits covered in the exam and briefly look at some of the conditions of these bands.


Exam Tutorial: Electronics 101

Let's talk electrons and magnets. Lesson you can't miss, Electronics 101!


Exam Tutorial: QCodes

We'll cover the ten Q Codes that are in the Amateur Radio Exam



Exam Tutorial: Measurement Units

We cover the ten measurement unit questions covered in the NZART exam bank

Exam Tutorial: Ohm’s Law

Simple mathmatics and electrical calculations to get you prepared for the Amateur Radio Exam